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some time later

As the title suggests, some time has passed. While still dismayed over your...health... you have gradually become accustomed to your life as a pet.

You don't need to worry about work, security, money and least of all food. Beimg so well fed you have grown into quite a...a...ok lests face it, you are a fat wolf. You are so large your belly just barely grazes across the ground as you walk across the cave.

Then one day, just when you have settled into your role as pet, the dragon takes you to a previously unexplored part of the cave. There you find a large pile of gold. Your eyes bulge at the sight of so much gold but your attention is quickly captured by the three small green dragons staring down at you from the top.

You have found the dragons nest.

'baby dragons?' you say but use the term loosely. each dragon is a head taller than you are.

They hatched awhile ago. Today i will be teaching them to hunt.

'oh?' you say, this should be interesting to watch. 'how do you do that.'

The dragon is going to teach her hatvhlings how to hunt and she just so happens to be keeping a fat, meaty wolf in the next room. The dragon only stares at you and lets you put that two and two together.

'oh' you reply.

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