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A Clarification

"Of course," continues the old man, "by an honest living, I mean one wherein death and dismemberment are rare at best. Capisce?" He apparently speaks Italian, too.

Beads of sweat take shape across your forehead. "Sure, I never was interested in being an axe murderer!" you chortle, unconvincingly.

The old man grabs you by the collar. "I said that we here have abandoned superstition. That in no way means that we can't tell a werewolf when we see one. If you're smart, you'll behave yourself and fit right in. If you're dumb and screw up, we'll not take too kindly to you. Remember that, and have a good day, lad." He turns abruptly, and you slink out of the store as though chemically neutered by the experience.

Written by Joey Liverwurst

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