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You cannot grasp the true laughter from Giygas's foot

Ness thought he and his friends killed Giygas long ago during their war against him, but now, he still lives. And now he's 21 years old.

Giygas has been hiding from Ness for refuge ever since. He is living with me ever since I met him when we were both teenagers. Well, I was two years younger than him, so that makes him older than me. But that's cool, cuz I always call him big bro.

Anyways, as Giygas sat next to me on my bed, he started poking me. It should annoy me, but instead, I let Giygas keep poking me until he reach 10. As he reaches 10, I played him back. We began to ruffhouse each other.

As I pinned Giygas down, I grabbed his ankle, and began to tickle his bare foot. "Coochy coochy coo."

Giygas began to laugh. "OH-ho. H-hey, c'mon, man. Cut it... out. It tickles." cried Giygas. I increase the speed of my tickling all over, underneath his big large sole. I tickled him to the point where he wiggled his toes like crazy. Who knew Giygas was so ticklish, and he likes being tickled. I stroke my fingers up and down his size 13 foot. I love the way I make his toes twitched.

Giygas just laid there, and laugh his lungs out. He was really ticklish. "You must of really like this, don't cha, Giygas?" I said to him as he smiles at me.

"Yes please." said Giygas, wiggling his foot. Then, he puts his other foot on my lap. "Keep going. Don't stop, keep going."

I smiled evilly as I start to tickle both of Giygas' feet. He went hysterically. His laughter was so loud that it got my neighbors wondering where was this laughter coming from. Oh it was from Giygas when I tickled his feet.

Phrase this guys, "You cannot grasp the true power of Giygas, but they did not say anything about making him laugh."

Written by an anonymous author

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