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Center belly

Once you reach the area around where her belly button would be the poor dragon lets out a loud shriek and thrashes and shake violently, and you instantly relise what that means. You wouldnt think that such a tiny little creature could tickle a behemoth like her, but it's a little known fact that with all of their amazing qualities dragons have one fatal weakness, they are ticklish like many humans but on a completely different level, they are sensitive to the touch, infact any dragon can be broght down if you can find her ticklish spots. It just happens that this dragons most ticklish spot was also the biggest, her tummy is incomprehensibly ticklish, she cant take it and strugles to speek enough to beg for mercy. "HAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA PAHAHAHAHA PLHAHAHAHAHA PLAHAPLEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEEEEEEEEZE! NAHAHAHAHAHA NAHAHOHOHOHOHO MAAAAAAHAAAAHHHAAAHHAAHHAHHAAHHHHAAAAAHAHA!" You cut her off when you started blowing raspberries. That was a new point for the Poor dragon she arched her back and couldnt even to begin to make any other sounds than her belowing laughter she flailed so rappidley and voilently you almost got thrown at first need to regain your footing, and of course while you dig you feet into her blubber and squeeze with your hands it tickles the awsome creature all the more. Once you regain your composure you start having more thoughts and make a decision.

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