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Long Ago in a land in which humans did not roam lived dragons and almost other mystical creatures. It is said that they still roam the earth of the humans but cannot be seen easily.They may live by huge lakes in caves in which its volume is surronded by a black void only to which cannot be seen by a certain human eye.They say if you open your heart you may have a chance of seeing dragons and other mystical creatures in which inherit the eath to date. If you may see a Dragon in real life i feel lucky for you and hope that in which dragon incounter is either good or evil.You may be able to actually ride one too in another dimension i suppose because i dont really believe you would ride about on a dragon through cities and dense forest without being spotted but you may have a cloaking device in which makes you transparent.I myself would love to meet a dragon and have a friendly chat with him/her.In conclusion believe in yourself, open your heart and follow the trails of a dragon.

Written by Darelle Ransom

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