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The youngun

You realize that several army troops come and yell at you with a megaphone. " stand down you f****** dragon!" one trooper yells at you and throws tear gas you immediately feel pain in the eyes and roar upwards. Then about seconds later you hear a different roar. You decide to retaliate an say see ya later, but it comes out like "hijopno nouyt" you know how to speak like a dragon and you swallow some tear gas. You cough in pain. Then you have an after taste of its fumes. The most epic thing happened. You puked lava! The soldiers had enough of this nonsense. They fire rockets and missiles. None affect you then you see three dragons come and tangle with the chopper. The choppers fire a missile at the youngest. You get p. o. Ed you spout a giant fireball at the ground units.boom!!! The fireball incinerates all ground units. Then with all your rage you dart upwards and eat the rotors by grabbing them and snapping them in half. You then remember the poor young dragon. That was hit by a missile.you immediately dart down. Then all if the sudden the other two come. Then by your side is the leprechaun and he looks at the poor dragon with pity.

Written by Wannabea dragon

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