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A Satyr Adventure begins

Greek and as of myths there is but one thing that thrills most, that being of the satyr form, however..., considering where we are and the varied in-climate weather here, there is a need for winter to summer variance of fur growth.

I can see what you mean, replies the Genie, as with a smile that suggests of devilment, the Genie says, OK, as of May through September the essence of a male satyr shall you be, but come fall season to winter and early spring, the fur on you will be from head to hooves.

Satyr types are quite virile, and you shall be as one well endowed of the genitals, as large weighty testicles and some added length and girth to make life fun more pleasurable for satyr and victim.

Victim...., who is the victim?

Why, do you not know that satyr semen is infectious, infecting as causing a physical transformation of he or she to whom it is spewed inside. As a satyr their usual forte' is men to fondle and fornicate, but on some occasions a pretty female, usually a young woman will see you and eying your sheath, shall fall in love with it, as rather than of all of the new you.

Given your wanton desire of what is sensual, and becoming as such a male satyr, the prospect is quite likely that by a year from today you shall be the sire of a growing herd of satyr types.

Wow, never thought of it that way, it makes me wonder, should I?

The Genie grins again, having set into motion what shall make life for many in that region as rankly thrilling, or debasing of self.

Written by AdobeFats

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