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Fine. You walk around and spot an apartment and punch a hole right though it. Everyone in the building run around screaming. After a couple seconds you inhale through your mouth and suck THE ENTIRE BUILDING IN and bite! You hear the dieing screams of everyone inside and grin an evil, wide, toothy grin.

Next you find a nice restaurant and pick up the building along with some road with people walking (and somehow not noticing you. I'll give you a hint, you can be seen until you do something, like in thins instance, pick up a building). People scream and run hysterically! With your other hand, you pluck of people from the road and toss them into your mouth and crunch hard. You also scare people by chasing them around with your claw and stab some of them as well. (It's ok, they'll respawn elsewhere with no memory except fear.) After wards you toss the thing into your mouth whole.

Eventually you find a tall skyscraper taller than yourself. "How dare the humans build something taller than me! I will destroy this!" (In case you haven't noticed, you're completely evil and you not human at all...) You pick up the base of the skyscraper, flip it over, and hover it over your mouth and drop it right in.

Now you are just simply bored of this and decide to eat the rest of the city in one big gulp. You are also not invisible anymore, so everyone screams at you. You fly to the center of the city and take a deep breath. Everything fly into your mouth.

But you're still hungry...

Written by a2aaron the hungry dragon

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