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time to make life better and interesting

you though of it and said "i wish to have dd cupped size breasts, a sexy ass, sexy legs, hourglass figure,a voice of siren that is so strong that the sound of it will make anyone obey me forever and i get to be immortal" which the leprechaun snapped its fingers and made a purple flash of light which the the light vanished your body was just like what you said it was going to be which you smirked and said with your new beutiful siren like voice "i wish to so rich that i could buy 90000 univerises and my home becomes a mansion" which the leprechaun snapped its fingeers and in a flash you home changed to a huge mansion that had 58 bedrooms, 35 bathrooms, 28 kitchens, 15 dinning rooms, 10 study rooms, 11 libarys, 5 hotspring baths, 6 spas,a lab that was 10000 years advance, a huge swimming pool and a huge garrage full of the best cars and motorbikes ever made and a huge front and back garden which you smiled and said "i wish that i am able to eat anything and drink anything without trouble either of it being meat, stone, acids, metal or what ever along of me not gaining bit of weight and i can able breath in space or any where as if i was breathing fresh air and also any skills from either manga,anime,webcomics or videogames that i think of i get to gain along of having perfect control and i also alter anyone into anything or any way i want" so the leprechaun twirled his wrists 8 times clockwise and they sparkled emerald green and snapped his fingers which it sparkled ruby red and another flash of light appered and when the light down down you testsed it by heading to the back garden towards a axe which you picked it up and took a bite at it which you bite off half the axe head as easy as eating a apple which the axe surprisingly tastey so you ate rest of the axe which then you though about wolverines healing powers only twice stronger which then you felt your body tingle as a sign that you just gained it which then you wonder what to do now

Written by bladra

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