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Panthro's Big Blast of Laughter

Today is my lucky day, cause I get to spend time with my favorite Thundercat, Panthro. As I got ready to go, Panthro was waiting for me in his tank. He was standing outside as I got out of my house. "Hey, kid. You ready?" asked Panthro. "You bet I am." I said. We got into his tank, and off we go.

As we got to the middle of nowhere, Panthro cantacted his thundercat friends. "Hey, we're almost there, kido. Just hang on." said Panthro. He contacted Tygra.

Tygra responded. "Hey, Bigcat." greeted Tygra. "I'm afraid I'm in the middle of a pickle right now." Panthro responded back. "Need Help?" He said. "Nope, I think I got this one. I'll be there in 2 minutes." remarked Tygra. "Uh..... On second thought, make that 3." Tygra stopped responding.

Panthro contacted the other thundercats, but they all responded that they're busy with their own thing. I guess that Panthro is the only one who is not on the mission with them. But he promised me that he hang with me when he's not doing anything important. So there we are right now.

This just in, his tank broke down. But luckily we stopped in the paradise-like jungle, so there can be nothing worse than being in the desert for hours. "Oh c'mon, why now?!" tripped Panthro as he climbs out to fix his engine. "Sorry, kid. I didn't planned for this" said Panthro as he turned to me. I shook my head. "No, not a problem. Those things happens, eventrually." I said as I watched him fix his machine.

As Panthro got under his tank to fix his engine, I got my sights on his feet. This tingling feeling inside me triggered as he wiggles his toes. And this just in, a idea popped in my head. I grinned devilishly. Panthro slipped out from under the tank. "This damn engine's busted real good." said Panthro with a fustrated look on his face. "I guess we're gonna have to camp here for now til someone arrives." said Panthro. He turns to me again. "Then again I'm so sorry for the inconvinionce, kido. I diffenently didn't plan for this." Panthro said. I shook my head again. "I'm not worried." I said. "Worst things can happen sometimes. Otherwise, nothing get by you, Panthro." He smile at me. He got up. "C'mon, let's get inside." said Panthro.

As night fell, we have to sleep in his tank, cause we got no tent to set up. Panthro tries to contact Lion-O and the other thundercats, but the radio was brokened also. He was frustrated like heck. "Dammit!" he swored. "Now the radio's broke. Great." I watched him as he sat back on the seat. Panthro turned to me. "Well, kid. What do ya wanna do?" asked Panthro. I turned to stare out the windshield. "I don't know. It's kinda dark to go out exploring anyway." I said as he sats up. "I agree. " he said. "So tell me about yourself." So we talked for a few minutes.

As hours pass, Panthro laid back on his seat, catnapping out of bordom. I sat there, looking at his feet. I smiled evilly as I snuck closer to his legs. I chained him up to his seat so he wouldn't move a muscle. Everything is going as planned. Though the part that his tank broke down in the middle of nowhere, wasn't one of them, but I'm not worried at all. Right now, I'm focusing on Panthro and his feet at the moment.

I slowly tickled his toes of his big, bad, sexy feet. He chuckled lightly, and then I tickled his ball of his foot. His giggling increases volume as I stroked lightly to his sole. His laughter got louder and louder as I increased my speed on his foot. Panthro's laughter woke him to find that he was chained up. He struggled. "What are you doing, kid?" asked Panthro as he tries to break free. "Get me out of these chains."

"Nuh uh." I said, shaking my head. I'm not letting you go until you pass my limit." Panthro looked at me funny. "What?" he asked in confusion. I continued. "A test. To see how much the big cat can take."

"How much I can take what?" asked Panthro in a nervous tone of voice, unaware of what I'm gonna do to him. I look at his feet. "Hmmm. Let's start with this." I remarked. Panthro struggled even more, not liking what's going on right now. "C'mon, kid" said Panthro. "I don't like whatever it is  your doing. C'mon, let me out. It's not funny anymore."

I neeled at his leg, and ankle-lock his left leg, and I began to tickle Panthro's foot. "Tickle tickle tickle." Panthro started laughing. "H-H-hey, stop it! Please, anything but that!!" I tickled all over and underneath his big, hot, sexy, squirming size 15 foot. Panthro squirmed like crazy. "PLEASE, PLEASE NOOOO!!! NOT THAT!!! ANYTHING BUT THAT!!! PLEASE STOP!!!" screamed Panthro. I looked at him, smiling. "Awwwww, is the big bad Panthro really ticklish?" I teased, giving him a break to breathe. He said, "Yes. Yes, I'm ticklish, ok? Well, just my feet, yeah. Very sensitive." He struggled more. "Ok, kid. You got me, now let me go."

"Not yet." I said with a smirk on my face. "You haven't pass the test yet. You have to endure the tickling for 15 minutes." "OH 'C'MON!!" whinned Panthro, disliking the torture. "I already tookened enough torment from these two younglings you call Wilykat and Wilykit!!!" I teased him again. "Oooo, look like you'll be needing this after all." I tickled his foot again.

Panthro laughed as he tries to resist the tickle temptation. "NO NO NO NO!!! KID?!! KID!!!" His wiggling toes really turns me on. I tortured him some more. Man, do I love to see and hear Panthro laugh his guts out. I tickle tease his sole, the ball, and toes with my tickle torture techniques. Panthro let out a enormous mount of laughter. To make this more intensely fun, I grabbed his other ankle, and ankle-lock both of his legs. I tickle his feet away. It made him went crazy like hell.

"NOOOO NOOO NOOOO!!!! NOOHOHOHOHOHOHO!!! STAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAOP!!! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHHH!!! THAT TICKLES!!!" screamed Panthro as he helplessly sats there and suffers the feet tickle torture. I stopped for a minute to grab a bristle brush. That shall get him howling good. I brushed his feet with it.

I tickled Panthro so bad that I think I just made him cry. " HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HEEE!!! STOP, I GIVE UP!!! HELP!!!! AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHHH!!!! SOMBODY HELP ME!!! IT REALLY TICKLES!!!!" Panthro screamed and pleaded. I looked at him as he went beserk. His feet must be really ticklish. I stopped using the brush, and I tickled his toes again. Panthro laughed so hard that the entire jungle can hear him. As much I enjoy tickling the living hell out of Panthro's feet, I have to show mercy to the big fellow. "Ok, you pass." I said as I stopped. I laughed as I look at him. "You should've seen the look on your face."

Panthro looked back at me. "You thought this was funny, don't you?" said Panthro, out of breathe. "I'll get you back, kid. But ot right now. I'm tired." Speaking of which, I'm tired too, out of doing all the tickling. I freed him from the chains, and we both fell asleep.

Morning came. And Panthro got up earlier before me. He was planning to get revenge on me for tickling his feet last night. As I was knocked out like a light, Panthro snucked up on me, and starts to surprise attack tickle torture me. I laughed like crazy. Panthro strongly arm-locked my arms so I couldn't get away. "How do you like me now, little punk?!" laughed Panthro as he wickedly smiles. "That's for tickling my feet!"

As we have fun, we didn't know the our laugher was attracting Lion-O and the other thundercats towards us. Tygra knocked on the tank door. Panthro stopped tickling me, and went to answer it. He opened the tank door. Boy were we happy to see them.

"Hey, you two." said Lion-O. "Long time, no see." "How did you find us?" I asked. Lion-O showed his sword. "The Eye of Thundora. Remember?" remarked Lion-O. As time pass by, Tygra helped Panthro fix up his engine. And finally the engine started working again. I was over at the corner by the waterfall, talking to Lion-O and Cheetara. But I kept Panthro's secret of him being ticklish. The gang saw how happy and playful we're are.

"Wow, looks like you two are getting along very well." said Cheetara, shaking her head, smiling. "Did you two guys do something fun that we missed?" said Tygra. Panthro shook his head. "Nope." he said. "We were just getting to know each other. Just like always." He turned to me, and winked. I winked back, smiling.

Written by TEB/VEZ

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