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Now without interuption.

"Now unless you want to get in bigger trouble, stay still while I get out." she says pushing on the door. Inside the creature's rectum you sit up and look around. There's a green glow and a few brown spots. The whole chamber convulses, gas fills the room and the dragon farts again. The gas leaves you in stench with fumes everywhere. The walls shiver and the dragon pulls herself free. "Finally!" she exclaims "I guess I was stuck so long I thinned back to normal. I wonder how my guest is doing." she says. Then she smiles and lets out a huge fart. The dragon chuckles as she hears you groan. "Have you learned your lesson?" she askes "Yes I'm sorry let me out!" "Well I don't know..." she says. Will she let you out?

Written by Caboose-1

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