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House of Buggin?

Your breath catches in your throat when you see your reflection in the mirror the witch has placed before you. Your previous punishments, the cursed silver collar, your decreased stature, and even the long black and white rabbit ears remain.

It's your eyes that have gone crazy.

"Don't you like them?" the Witch asks in a mocking tone. "I figure that with eyes like that, you should have no problem finding the Gem." She grins and crosses her arms.

"Er…" you manage, always a quick one on your mental feet, "But I still see the same, these.. these…"

"Compound eyes?" the witch interjects for you, "Yes, right now you still see the same. But, in the dark, you should be able to see perfectly."

You blink your red compound eyes. "Well, uh, not to nitpick, but, uh, these are the eyes of a fly, not a spider. Jeez, can't you witches keep to your own themes? No wonder you couldn't find that gem."

The witch taps her foot and waves her hand at you. Suddenly, you feel a twisting sensation in your gut, as if someone stuck an eggbeater into your bellybutton.

"There, Mr.Know-it-all," she says testily, "Ask and ye shall receive."

Gulping, you look downwards. At first glance, everything still seems the same. You're still wearing that white button down shirt and brown pants you came in with, but... Wait. Something's sticking out of your navel!

"Is that what I think it is?" you ask.

"Exactly," she cackles, "Silk. It wouldn't do to have it come out of your, well, rear, so I placed it there. Now you can climb down into the dungeon with no problem, eh?" Still cackling, she claps her hands a few times. "Pretty clever, huh?"

"Not quite!" you say as you aim your navel at her clapping hands. Unsure how to produce your web at first, you squinch up your gut, and hold your breath. Sure enough, a thick strand of sticky silk shoots out of your navel. Aided by your new, super-clear spider (fly) vision, the silk wraps around her hands in mid-clap, binding them tight.

"Hah!" you shout and do a jig of defiance, "Now, change me back to normal or you'll never be free!" Excellent, you think, now I've got her!

As the witch rolls her eyes, unimpressed at your capture, you start to get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. "When will you humans ever learn?" she asks as you suddenly feel numb all over, unable to move. "You can't beat me!" Pulling on her hands with strength not obvious in her withered limbs, she tugs you over towards the dungeon entrance.

"I've wasted enough time with you. Go down there and get my Gem! And to make sure you don't dawdle..." She mutters something under her breath and the silken web disappears, recoiling back into your belly button. "I'll place another spell on you. You'll change slowly, say one change every hour, that you're down there. Each change will be unique, so unless you want to end up a short reporter with the ears of a rabbit, eyes of a fly, and web of a spider on top of whatever else happens to you down there, I'd hurry."

She starts to shut the dungeon door on you. Your new eyes allow you to see perfectly in the dim light, but still you can't move.

"Oh, and one more thing," she says before the door shuts entirely, "For your little stunt, pushing around a poor old woman - shame! - here's a free change on me!"

By the time the door closes and locks, the changes are already starting, making your pants extremely uncomfortable. Looking down, you're shocked, but not all that shocked, to see...

Written by Log (edited by wanderer)

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