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so it begins

"the kingdom is in ruin sire your daughters are near at hand flee before it is to late" the sevant begs of you but your heart is to stuborn and so you tell him to shutup and declare"this kingdom shall not be ruled by woman they neither have the brains or strength to rule" at this the door to your throne room is shattered open your young daughters come towards you an army in hand. They ask for for your surrender but you refuse infuriating your daughters. You will treat us better hear after. As the woman start to chant you drift to sleep as changes occur in your body. The years of your life start to fade away as a new slim and hour glass body takes place of that old chubby one you had. Hair seems to burst from yor scalp becoming red as your entire skin turns soft and femine . Bit by bit your manhood fades as the largest breasts that a natural woman can carry that not even clothing can conceal them. His eyes were soon as blue as the ocean with puckerd succelant red lips and a buttock stuck out just perfectly. Then the daughters ended the spell by letting no one have memory of the once man except the king himself. But there was one last nich to the spell you discover when the daughters sell you for slavery. The girls cursed you with everlasting beauty and no matter the man once they lay eyes on you they would instanly go to bed with you whether you aggred or not

Written by shadow

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