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A spelling error

"I had to open my big and now toothed mouth." you said "Actually, you made me open my big mouth." the dragon said. The beast quickly snapped at you, but thanks to your new form you leapt out of the way just in time. You then turned tail and you were about to run, but it seems the witch made an error in her spell. Before you run you turn back into a human "Aw crap." you said right before gina flicked you in the air and swallowed you down whole. "Good! you know what you're about to be!" the beast said with a chuckle. Then she let out a wet belch to mark your arrival in her belly. Then she rolled over causing all of her bellies occupants to groan as well as causing the walkie talkie you brought to break then she goes back to sleep, snoring loudly.

Written by Caboose-1

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