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small talk and dragon belches.

"Good!" she squeals with excitement, she also squirms a bit causing you to gently swish around her soft belly "Now that we're friends I should introduce myself, I'am Annthelion (Ann-thel-ee-on) but you can call me Ann." she says happily. You the politely tell your name "Aww that's a nice name!" she responds in a cute tone"Kalibryn didn't think so." you say "Well never mind what he says, it's a great name" she says as she rolls onto her belly. The entire chamber shifts for you as she does this. As she lays down the jostling causes a little gas to go up her throat "BURP." the Ann belches. Her tummy shakes all around you and doesn't feel unpleasant at all "Excuse me!" Ann says "Wow! that was a good one!" you exclaim as you lean against the soft pink walls "Thanks... I guess." she responds with a little giggle What happens next?

Written by Caboose-1

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