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the tickle bullies

when you are at school,you have to write about what you did yesterday. you decide to write the whole story about the tickling.you read it to the class.then comes break.you are sitting on a bench with no one to play with.your BFF Frankie walks towards you,ans she says: "i heard you are ticklish." you say: "yes,i am.my belly,my feet and my armpits are ticklish.why?" Frankie takes off your shoes and she knows that you like being tickled with silky socks on,and today you have silky socks on.so,she takes off your shoes and massages your soles gently. "nice...." you say.you think to yourself,'what is happening?' because Frankie hates massaging your feet.suddenly she pulls a feather out of her pocket (she collects feathers) and starts tickling you with it! "AAAAAAHAHAHAHA!" you screech."I knew you were ticklish.Amanda!" frankie says.you know Amanda loves people tickling her and is an expert at tickling.she even has a pet spider,mr.tickle,for tickling."Amanda!i need some help tickling here!bring mr.tickle if you can!"Frankie calls out.Amanda comes,mr.tickle on her shoulder."hi! who is this tickle victim?"Amanda says."here! i am!" you tell her."here's the plan....."Frankie says,then whispering stuff into Amanda's ear."ok," Amanda says.she shoves the spider up your belly,and gets a feather out of her pocket. "wait," says Amanda suddenly."this ticklee's belly-button is filthy!we'll have to clean it! good thing i have everything to clean it!" she pulls out the things she needs and shows Frankie what to do. mr.tickle is still in there."this'll make it more fun." she took mr.tickle out and replaced him with one of Amanda's inventions, a skeleton that tickles feet and armpits.she fits it on you and presses ON.they tickle and clean together.

Written by lotty

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