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Exit the cat

"Who, me?" you sputter. "I'm...uh...I'm...I'm outta here!" With catlike speed, you leap out the door and scamper down the ancient hallway.

"Hey, wait!" the dragon calls after you. "I want to ask you something!" You hear the castle walls quaking behind you from the gargantuan dragon's crashing footsteps. Then there is a particularly loud crash. A moment later, you hear the dragon crying, "OW! Oh, drat! Help! Help me!"

Forgetting the old adage about curiosity killing the cat, you stop and look back. Then you begin to snicker. The overgrown dragon is stuck halfway through the door, his enormous belly wedging him firmly in place.

"I'm stuck!" the dragon wails plaintively. "Please help me out. I'll be your friend forever."

You stop to consider his proposition. Should you trust the rotund reptile?

Written by Funny Animal

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