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better go and see...

you decide to go check up on your buddies and see what they are up to. you slowly stick your snout out your newly made entrance and peek around. there is noone in sight and you are so relieved you go all the way out and strech in the open space around you. You hear a scrambling noise to the right and before you know it there are a dozen or so tranqulizer shots coming out of the bushes straight at you! You are so startled that you dont move and the needles bounce right off your shiny scales. Your attackers seeing this ploy inaffective start moving forward cautiously. You start retreting to the safety of the nearby bushes. One of the group members walks forward and starts talking in a soft controlled voice. "It's ok we just want to... the rest of the sentence is denied you as a sharp overpowering shock jolts you forward. "Quick! Zap it!" the man yells. A large group crashes out of the bushes behind you and you are getting bombarded with increasingly painfull shocks. You thrash about and knock over a few of your attackers and knock OUT quite a few more. You manage to escape the tightening circle constricting you only to be outmanuvered by the diciplin of the group. They quickly take advantage of the surrondings and box you in again only this time you cant escape. You try to take off and fly away but the helecopters had seen the commotion and blocked off your escape to the air.you ram into many more trying to create a gap to escape but it is no use you can allready feel your concious slipping from you. You give a mighty roar and fall, unable to get back up.

Written by a real dragon

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