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you fly for a while longer and start to get sore wings so you start on your way back down when two giant helecopters close in on you! dammit you think as you realize that the dish you found was probibly some sort of raidar and the military were now investigating you! you fly low looking for a spot to hide when they start calling out and pulling guns out and aiming then at you! "aww what did i get myself into?" you think as you try to speed up. But you are too tired and sore from all that flying and you crash land in a park. " Oh man i gotta get better at those landings you think as you slither away looking for somewhere to hide untill the military gave up looking for you. AHA you think as you spot an old abandond wherehouse a few slithers away. But it is a bit farther then you thought and there is a large gap in the trees between you and it. With the military hot on your tail you probobly wont make it without them seeing you.

Written by a real dragon

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