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You become a Chocobo!

A chocobo! You've always enjoyed riding around on those big birds in the Final Fantasy games so why not try becoming one. "I'll try a chocobo" you say. "All right, then," intones the djinn. She disappears and you start to feel a tingling sensation building through your entire body.

You then look down and see that your skin is begginning to take on the pattern of feathers. Eventually, the pattern bursts out, replacing your skin. It then turns yellow and you see your legs turn orange as they grow into a bird's legs. Your mouth and nose begin to stretch out into a beak and a big fluffy yellow bird tail painfully grows out of your behind. Your clothes rip off and you see it has been replaced by a little saddle on your back. It's done. You're a chocobo.

You give your body a quick test and find you can run very fast! It also feels good covered in these warm feathers. This is nice!

Written by kevinVGM (edited by wanderer)

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