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Better for both of you?

Outside the dragon returns to his cave and lets out another fart and a belch. "I hope that human hurries up, because this is killing me." he says. The beast quickly lays down on his back, sticks out his belly and begins to rub it. He feels you sliding on though and begins to wonder what he should do to you when you...came out. Meanwhile you trek ever onward towards your destination. Earlier you had felt (and smelt) the dragons horrible gas that he let out with a loud sound. You also felt him lay down and could see the imprints of his paws rubbing the outside of his belly. "How much farther!" you cry out "Not much." the beast responds "I feel you getting closer." he says. As you round the corner you see the issue. It seems the dragon swallowed two whole cows and their skelletons are blocking the entrance to his large intestine. The contents of his previous meals are all piled up, and are giving off a lot gas. Some of it leaks out, but most just keeps building causing him pain. "Hey! I found the problem!" you call out "Ok great now just fix it" he calls back barely able to stand the pain. "Now how to do this." you say to your self. You realize you'd best do something fast because the gas was building, and it didn't smell good. So you decide to just throw your self at it with everything you got. As you make contact the derbis gives and all the stored gas comes flying out. You and the skelletons are blown out of the dragons...well you know with a huge, stinky, wet, loud, fart. "AHHH! MUCH better the dragon exclaims. He turns around to see you on the floor in shock of what just happened. "I-I j-just." you stammered but are interupted by the dragon again "You just stopped all my pain thank you so much." he says "But before we do anything else lets clean you up." He then snatches you up in his claw and washes you off with soap in the lake right next to his lair. He then brings you back in and you say "Well...now what?" What happens next?

Written by Caboose-1

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