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The Two Werewolves

The werewolf releases his teeth from your skin, pulling out of your flesh with a satisfied grin. You stare horrified at the werewolf, then look down to the bite mark left on your shoulder. You feel a burning sensation coming from your shoulder, which quickly spreads across your body and sends chills down your spine. The burning feeling begins to die away, and you're relieved for a moment. But then, you feel your shoulder searing with pain, even hotter than the last, as if it was on fire. You shriek out in pain, and realize that your hands are trembling. They feel as if they are going to burst from the inside. The skin begins quivering, molding into a different shape. The next time you glance down at them, they aren't human hands any more.

'This can't be happening,' You stammer.

Then transformation continues. The rest of your human flesh is consumed by a spreading fur, which covers you completely. Your face begins to shake. You can feel a muzzle molding, beginning to protrude, making your appearance more wolf-like. Your ears begin to change to resemble those of a wolve's, and it doesn't stop there. You begin to grow, muscles begin to form at a drastic rate at your arms and legs. You sprout a long, furry tail. You continue to grow increasingly larger, until you stand up to 7 and a half feet high.


You're surprised to hear the sound that left your mouth. You notice the wolf again after a long silence.

Written by Sini

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