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The big exit and a rethink in the battle plan.

The whole trip you knew this was gonna happen, you just wish it didn't have to happen. "Here it comes!" Troggie warns the two of you hold your breath and prepare for the inevetable fate. Outside the western dragon is begining to feel less pain in her abdomin. "MUCH better." she states. "I'd best let them out quick, I can't imagine them wanting to stay where they are very long now." she tells herself as she walks into HER stink room. After a few minuets you and Troggie have showered as well as completely washed you cloths you go to the dragon to decide your next movement. (pun intended) As you near the dragon Troggie asks "What was that? I thought you said you couldn't digest us." "Well I didn't actually digest you, I simply... passed you through I guess" she says guiltly. "Never mind that we need to discuss our next plan." you state plainly "How bout this time we think the plan through a little." Troggie mutters to you. What happens next?

Written by Caboose-1

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