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Your stuck. You look desperately at Jessie, who looks as scared as you are. You look back at the roof of the cave, and the claws of whatever is breaking the rock are easy to see now. You hear a grunt, then a roar and the roof of the cave is ripped open. Dust and bits of rock shower down on you and you cover your head to protect yourself. When the dirt and dust settles, you glance at Jessie, who is unharmed, and then look out of the new hole. From your angle you can't see what did this, but Jessie can see and looks very afraid of whatever is up there. It seems to be drizzling, and you hear angry voices from above. "Ch-yah! What was that for?" says the first voice. It is small and high pitched, and sounds a bit electronic. "What? You mean the "hold you down by your tail so you don't BLOW THE ROCK UP AND LET THAT DRAGON KNOW WE'RE HERE?!?" THAT?!?!" Said a second voice angrily. This voice is much deeper and more threatening. "Pfff sure. You just wanted to show off. You have stuff that can get rid of the rock but noooooo, you had to go all macho and rip it open by hand." Said the first voice. "Oh, sure, use bombs, ok. WHAT ABOUT THE KITSUNE AND WOLF DOWN THERE!?" "Wait there are PEOPLE DOWN THERE!?!?" "Yeah. Really, really... big... people..." You crane your neck up to see a small, glowing, cat like creature looking down at you. It looks at you, then Jessie, then back at you. It's eyes look like it's raising an eyebrow, but as far as you can tell, it doesn't have eyebrows. "Ch-yah! You are a FAT wolf! Your even bigger than Chris!" A huge clawed hand picks up the little creature by it's long, paper thin tail. "I. Am. Not. Fat." growls the second voice, who you guess must be Chris. "OkokokokI'msorryI'msorry!" Squeals the first voice, which belongs to the little creature. "Sorry about that," Chris says. "Ignore Bip. My name is Christopher Bluefur Taun, Incubus, adventurer, and guardian," All you can see of him is his face. His fur is silver/blue, and he has dark brown hair. Looks like a nice enough guy. Two small bat-like headwings are right near his cat gray cat ears. He smiles at you, reveling sharp, white teeth. He throws the glowing creature down to you, who lands on Jessie's huge belly. "This is Bip. He's a Warp-Aci, and he can get you out of here. Don't worry, you can trust me." You look at Jessie. Should you trust this guy? He has wings coming out of his head. And he's an INCUBUS. Isn't that a shape shifting dream eating demon? You should think hard about this. You still don't know what the dragon plans on doing with you. What if you should be more afraid of this guy than her?

Written by Chris Bluefur

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