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it works

The dragon pushes against Jesse's bottom and much to everyone's delight Jesse's enourmous body is thurst out of the cave.  "yay!" Jesse exclaims. "Now its your turn" The dragon says turning to you. Your girth is much bigger than of Jesse's.  You feel her claws holding your humongus tummy as she lifts you up. Kana then proceeds to put you through the cave mouth. You also become stuck between the cave entrance. "No worries" The dragon says. Kana getsmore lard  and puts  her claw between the cave mouth and your gimongus bodywhich is wedged tight. you giggle as she rubs your soft tummy  and your tail wags. "Hold still." She proceeds to rub the part around your back. She then pushes against your bottom as well. With enough force you come out. "Lets go" The dragon says as she proceeds out  of the cave. "Now lets do you." You joke. The dragon is able to get out with little difficulity. "Now what?" Jesse asks. "Time to get more food. get on my back." The dragon replies.

Written by Wolfie

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