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A Heavy Burden To Bear

You call out "Does anyone know where to go to find a person to fix this". A wolf woman says "I do! But I think that you should put on something a little more than what you have on right now." You look down and see that you have only a little more than underpants on, and blush. "Don't worry." She says, "Will someone lead this man to the armory!?! I'll organize our trip out while you are arming yourself." You reply "Thank you, and will you please bind Jenny while I'm gone? Don't want her to come looking for me while I'm naked."

Once you are done rinsing yourself off, you dress in greaves, a chest plate, and some spaudelares. You think you are strong, so you pick up a bearded axe to complete your light armor. Luckily, you troops (you call them that becuse they too have donned their battle regailia) have shackled Jenny's hands and feet before she could wake up. Now she laid writhing on the floor moaning for you.

You decide to carry her fireman style where you sling her over your shoulder. You would do something to silence her but you put too many potions in her already, so you will have to deal with her screaming and writhing. "Sir, all of us are prepaired to leave for the magicians house ten miles away." Says the wolf woman. "We will be walking." You think "Crap! Why do I get stuck carring her?" You definintly don't want to drop her from exaustion. Because then she'd be on you like white on rice. You decide…

Written by The Incredible Anonyomus Man

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