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Unintended Consequences

Jenny howled a primal scream of rage, and slapped a guy in the face and his head turned at a grotesqe angle. She went to the next guy and riped his arms off and smashed his skull in with them. Then her eyes turn to you. Normaly, you don't run away from a fight, but when someone looks at you with that much uncontroled hatered, you run like hell.

You search franticly for a healing potion, andidote, ANYTHING before she goes through anymore of the willing men(?) in your group. The potion must have given her freakishly concentrated strength as well as homicidal/suicidal tendencies. At last you find something with a H on it, and you decide "Well, something's better than nothing. Hopefuly it will cure her of the potion, or at least give her a more docile attitude."

Two of the largest and most powerful guys held her down with some difficulty. You pour the viscous fluid down her throat and her expression softens. She calms down and starts to breathe heavy from the exertion. Once her eyes lock with yours she redoubles her efforts to get out of the grips of her captors.

Except the howls and growls become more lustful and longing. You double take at the bottle and now it says "Horny Potion. Makes the user want to have sex with the person she sees first." You mutter "Holy crap!" as she breaks free. She then procedes to jump on you and rip off your clothes. You...

Written by The Incredible Anonyomus Man

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