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Ohhhh. That's Gotta Hurt!

You manage to find your blade's way into her heart. She instantly dies as the point of all of her power is punctured by you. You gently lay her on the floor, close her eyes, and say, in true Assassins's Creed style, "Requesqat in pace (rest in peace in Italian)"

As you rise dramaticly from the floor, Jenny kisses you and says says "Wow. I didn't think you could find a way to actualy find a way to kill her." She looks over your shoulder at the book, and gasps, "But I think that the book might have been linked to her power."

"What makes you think that?" You say.

"That!" She sobs.

As you turn around you find that the book is now amid a raging inferno, and is reduced to nothing but ash in a matter of seconds. "Oh." You say stupidly. "Now how am I going to get back to my normal self?" Jenny wails. Trying to cheer the kitsune now sobbing profusely in your shoulder up, you say, "What if I was to take the ashes and have someone fix..." Now it is your turn to be astonished as you look at a small tornado sweeps the ashes up and out the window; spreading it to the (no pun intended) four winds. "...it." you finish again stupidly.

"Why *sniff* do you sound *sniff* so sad?" She says, trying to calm down. You point to the place the book was at. Once she saw that the book was not to be retrived, she resumed crying into your shoulder again. You love her, but this HAS to stop. You have to get her and the rest of the team (who has been doing the job acting as the third wheel wonderfuly) back to normal and to your universe. But you can't have a fox woman crying on your shoulder for the rest of the time here. You decide...

Written by The Incredible Anyonomus Man

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