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You're really starting to get annoyed...

"I wish to be human again." You tell the leprechaun. "Very well then laddie," he says, and snaps his fingers. Immediately, Your muzzle shrinks back into your head, your fur dissapears and you are a human again.

However, there seems to be something strange. You feel... Lighter than before. Looking in a mirror, you realise why. The leprechaun has turned you back into a human, but you have retained your weight. You're still scrawny!

"LEPRECHAUN" You yell The leprechaun re-appears in a flash of light. "Yes, m'laddie?" He asks, grinning. "I wish i was my original weight!" You demand. "Very well then," says the leprechaun. More sparkly green dust falls around you, and you grow two centimetres. "THIS ISN'T MY ORIGINAL WEIGHT!!!" You scream at the leprechaun. "Well laddie," says the leprechaun, "When i made you thin, I changed your history so that you were always thin. In the past, you had lost 2 pounds, so i made you GAIN two pounds! Aren't i generous?"

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