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the bees friends

The bee went to the spider queen and asked if his 4 firends could come to spider city. They had been harmed by the bugs to. "of course they can" said the queen "if they swear allicence to the spiders". The bee smiled and went to get his friends. an ant,a ladybug,a butterfly, and a fly. They all came before the spider queen. "please your higness" said the ladybug "we would like to join the spiders. we have no home with the bugs." the bugs looked really sad. the spider queen smiled. "you may stay if you swear your alligince by singing the spider song". The bugs smiled and raised their hands and begun to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider. When they were done the spider queen said that all of us were to be brought to the giant web in the center of the city. this was so that the Spiders would know not to harm them. The spider queen said that they should get in the web so everyone would see them. The bugs were scared at first butt the fairy and I said that we would go to. The bugs and me and the fairy climbed onto the queens back and she brought us to the middle of the big web. She spaced us out so the spiders could see all of us. "those that you see here in this web are to be protected by the spiders. no harm is to be fall them." she then invited all the spiders to come up the web to meet us. The spiders came up the web wished cared the new bugs but me, the fairy, and the bee just smiled cause we knew what was going to happen. "so" said a pink spider in a small voice. "you have come here for protection" "yes" said the ladybug. the spiders smiled. "well" said the pink spider, "since you guys are new come, we give you a spider welcome" the ladybug said in a scared voice "what is that exactly" the pink spider just giggled, crawled to the ladybugs feet and, raiseing were white gloved hands in the air, wiggled her fingers and begun to sing. "The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout" the spider sang as she tickled the ladybugs feet. The ladybug begun to giggle "hehehehehe" the other bugs smiled as the spiders crawled towards them. Then there were spiders tickiling all of us and singing. Five black spiders were tickiling my feet. I looked over and saw three garden spiders with red gloves tickiling the faries shoulders and armpits. White spiders wearing black gloves tickled my armpits. Then Pink spiders wearing green or yellow gloves tickled the ladybug's tummy. Brown spiders with yellow gloves were tickiling the ant's feet. The spiders keept singing as they tickled us. "hehehehe" the ant giggled and laughed as big black tarantulas tickled his belly. Even the spider queen begun to tickle the butterfies shoulders. The spider princess came over to me and tickled my tummy. Red spiders with blue golves tickled the bees toes.White spiders with black or pink gloves tickled the flies armpits. The fly laughed and giggled. "hehehehehehehe." the Spiders smiled as the sang to us. "Down came the rain and washed the spider out. Out came the sun and dried up all the rain, so the Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the spout again" Soon every spider was tickling our feet,toes,back,armpits,bellies,and shoulders. When the spiders were down the spider queen came down to us. The bugs laughed "Thank you for letting us live with you spiders" said the bee. "I love spiders now" said the ladybug and gave the spider queen a hug. The queen smiled."feel free to stay as long as you want." The fly said "we don't want to ever leave" "yeah said the butterfly "we love spiders" The queen smiled and gave each one a big hug.

Written by an anonymous author

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