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All of a sudden 2 butterflies flew into spider city. They got caught in a big web. 4 Big Tarantulas came to the web. They took the two butterflies to the prison of webs. They stuck them in to webs. They tried to escape but couldn't. "why are you here" said the Tarantulas. "we have come for the human, we were told to take the human to the scorpions." "no" said the tarantulas. The spiders left and came back with 2 werid looking machine. They put them on the web. They looked kinda like spiders. They were were black. had hariy arm like things with fingers. "What are they?" the butterflies asked. "They are tickle machines, it is your punisement." "it also will sing." Said the other tarantula. They turned it on and it begun to sing The Itsy Bitsy Spider. The butterflies put their fingers in their ears. "No, not that song"screamed the butterflies. "we bugs can't stand that song." The Tarantulas smiled "oh we know, that's why that's your punisement". The Machines begun to move towards the butterflies. Still singing the song, the machines lifted their robotic arms and begun to tickle the butterflies. The butteflies had to take their fingers out of their ears. The machines tickled their feet and arms and necks and tummies. "hahahahahah NO" laughed the butterflies as the machines kept singing. "Stop hahahaha, make it stop hehehehehehehe" giggled the butterflies. The Tarantulas left the butterflies to their torture.

Written by an anonymous author

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