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You Are Flamed Dragon

You look up into the midnight sky and breathe a plume of fire. The leprechaun bows down in respect as you gaze into his brown eyes.

"Tou shall never trick me again, leprechaun." you growl. Then you lower your gaze to yourwings and see them sprouting flames. With a single flap of your wings, you could easily burn him to cinders. But you decide to give him a more honored death.

"You've  got 3 years. When the time is up, you shall meet me by the river." you hrrr to the astonished leprechaun. And with a flick of your black tail, you turn and exit the cave and, when out of reach of the cave, you take off,scorching the many shrubs around the entrance.


Three years later, you go to the river where you find the leprechaun, waiting in the shadows. He warily steps forth, into the range of fire.He gulps.

             "Don't be afraid, old friend."you laugh;"It will be quick and painless."

With a start, your tailfire blasts on the poor leprechaun, instantly burning the poor soul to ashes.Your work here is done.You use your now extingiushed tail to sweep his remains into the torrent and leave.


You blow a plume of smoke as you settle into the treasure filled cave that was once the leprechaun's. On top of the gold you sit,hoarding all your treasure. You lay your head down, and rest.

Written by Flame Wing

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