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False Alarm, Guys!

12 dragons, looking about the same as the ones that carried you here, step out of the hallway.

"Phew!" says Lard-Smearer. "I thought it was gonna be one of the knights..."

"Hey, guys! What's up?" shouts one of the dragons. You name that one Shouty.

"Nothing much," says Buttock-Pusher. "We were just about to take a snack break..." Buttock-Pusher gestures toward your mammoth gut.

"Mind if we join?" asks Shouty.

"Not at all! Just don't tell anybody..."

They all turn toward you. You gulp. Instead of 8 sets of sharp, biting teeth, it will be 20 tearing into your fleshy belly.

"Wait... What if it howls?" asks Whiny.

"Hmm... That's good point. What IF he howls? Perhaps we'll need to tie his mouth shut..." says one of the un-named dragons; you name this one Ropey.

Ropey dissappears into the hallway he had come out of, and reappears moments later with a length of rope. He walks over to your muzzle and proceeds to tie it shut, just as he promised. Now you're dragon food, AND silenced.

You close your eyes and brace yourself for the pain about to be visited upon you...

Written by Speak no Evilz

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