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A Knight Appears

A dragon knight emerges from the hallway, clad in armor fashioned from a shiny purple metal that you can't identify.

"What seems to be going on here, gentlemen?" queries the knight. Those dragons are gonna get it REAL bad, you bet; not just bet, but hope.

"Nothing, Sir Verenic. We were just transporting some livestock..." answers an unnamed dragon.

"Really, Hepeth? Because, I could have SWORN I heard you all talking about eating of His Majesty's livestock..." Sir Verenic says. The dragon grunts gulp in unison.

"You all, of course, realize that partaking of any of King Gastrode's food stores without authorization is treason, correct? And treason is punishable by... Well, death, as you know. And even CONSPIRING to partake of His Majesty's meals, present or future, would land you in the stockades for a few years, or perhaps, hard labor... And I do believe that I have caught you in conspiracy..."

"No! Please, Sir Verenic! Don't report us! We'll do anything!" Hepeth cries, falling to his knees and begging.

"Hmmmmmm..." Sir Verenic utters, apparently deep in thought. It seems he's passing judgment at the moment. What's his verdict?

Written by Speak no Evilz

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