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A woman?

You walked to the shack. Knocked the door. The door somehow opend itself that gave you a suprise. "Hello?" You say but you can't hear anyone.

Suddenly you hear footsteps coming from upstears. You say "Hello?" once again.

Then you see a young pretty girl step down from the stairs. She had long pretty black hair. And a beautiful body. Her clothes was quit simple but she would be able to look good in anything.

"Hello." She says suprised to see you. "Who are you and what are you doing here in my house!?"

You steped back of supriese and fear. You've never seen a woman with that kind of fire in her eyes. Her eyes was blue with was quite weird becouse you don't see black haired woman with blue eyes very often.

"Answer me!" She says looking at you with anger. *Then she blushes and realises that you are naked*. *she turns away*.

"If you need some help with clothes there is a cabinet with clothes.". She blushes some more and walks up stairs again.

You are suprised about it but walks to the cabinet. You open it and find quite old clothes. "Could it be from the 18century?" You think to yourself. You put on the clothes and walks upstairs after the blackhaired woman to thank her.

Written by catmoon

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