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Not only that alien, Rath is aggresive, but can be a little annoying. He solves his problems by fighting. That day, he crossed the line, and now, we say he has it coming.

I tricked Rath into thinking that there's someone wanting to fight him. He unwillingly falls for it. "Hey, where's everybody?", said Rath. Out of nowhere, I sprayed knocked out gas on him. The minute he woke up, he found himself tied up in a chair. "Hey!!! Whose idea is this?", yelled Rath. "Calm down, Rath", I said. "It's nothing bad, it just what you need is to lightened up. And I know just the thing to do it." I grabbed Rath's ankle, and began to tickle his foot. "Tickle, tickle, tickle."

"Let me tell you something..... EEE HE HE HE HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHH!!! STOP IT, THAT TICKLES!!! NOOOO HO HO HO HO HO HO HOO!!! PLEASE HE HE HE HE HEASE!!!! RATH BEGS OF YOU.... AHHHH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAHH!!!! STOP TICKLING RATH'S FEET!!!! HE HE HEET!!!! Rath was at my mercy. He must of been very ticklish for someone so aggresive. I increase the tickling up and down his handsome, sensitive footsole.

Rath struggles to break free, but the ropes are alien proof. Rath laughed harder and harder, that he almost cried. For more fun, I tickled both of his feet, and that got him really good. He was going crazy. "What's a matter, Rath", I teased him with a wicked smile. "Lost the will to fight?"

"PLEASE STOP TICKLING MY FEET!!!!", begged Rath, helplessly as he continues to squirm his handsome, sexy, shiny, ripped feet out of my grasp. I had him tickled for so long that an hour ago, he started crying. " Oh you big baby", I teased. I continued to tickle Rath's feet some more. Rath has never been so abused in his entire non-human life, especially that his great weakness is that his feet is so ticklish.

I tickle tortured Rath's feet for three hours. He shed tears from all of that torture. "My, Rath. You don't look so good", I said. "That because you wouldn't stop tickling Rath", He said, fighting the tears. "Let me tell you something, kid. Rath's feet is ticklish, OK? You got me." "Not yet", I said.

"No! No more. Please.", he pleaded in horror. I continued to tickle his feet some more. "Now let me tell you something, Rath." I don't wanna stop. I want to have Rath at my mercy. After all the annoying things he does, serves him right. 

Written by an anonymous author

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