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It's Magic

You see yourself in the mirror, of course, but you also see a woman standing behind you. She is middle-aged and not unattractive. She is dressed in medieval garb, a gown of richly embroidered satin. Her bejewelled fingers and slightly haughty demeanor mark her as a member of the aristocracy. She does not appear pleased to see you.

You whirl around and see...nothing. You are alone in the hallway. How could she have possibly disappeared so quickly?

You turn back to the mirror...and jump back in shock. The mirror, shiny and pristine just moments before, is now as dull and tarnished as every other artifact in the castle.

You take a deep breath to steady your nerves. Okay, you think, I'm dealing with real magic here. But that's what I wanted, right? Right. No backing out now.

Taking another deep breath, you proceed further into the castle.

Written by Funny Animal

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