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A Jar of Lard, but What For?

"What'd you bring?" interrupts Jessie.

"Sweetie, it's not polite to interrupt," Kana gently reprimands.

"I'm sorry..." says Jessie. Her tone is actually somewhat apologetic, but you're not sure if it's genuine, or merely sarcastic.

"It's alright," says Kana. She didn't seem to pick up on any sarcasm. "Anyway, I brought some lard!"

"Why?" Jessie asks.

"Well, I figured I could smear a little bit of it around your waist, y'know, as lubricant. Then, it should be pretty easy to slide you out of there." Kana smiles reassuringly, but Jessie can't even see her face. Realizing this, Kana strokes Jessie's huge gut. You're actually surprised that this elicits a sort of purring noise from Jessie.

"So, this will work?" asks Jessie, her voice coming down from a purr.

"Hopefully," replies Kana.

Written by the Greater of Two Evils

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