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Squashed under food!

You had an idea in mind, and just as you were about to say it the dragon interrupts you. He has an idea of his own. The foul reptile's gut rumbles as he goes over to a hole where there is a stash of meat. a LARGE one. He licks his lips and greedily starts swallowing bucket loads of meat. In his stomach, you see the chunks of meat falling down like hail. You immediately swim down in the acid. Down to the depths of the beast's gut. You look up and see a huge chunk sinking on top of you, but do not have enough time to react. You're crushed under the weight of the meat. Several minutes go by and the dragon's stomach is more than full; it's practically swelling. The dragon heaves himself over to a rock, leans on it, and sighs in relief. The dragon laughs at your death, then rubs his swollen gut. The room echos with the glorping, churning, and bubbling of the dragon's stomach.

And of course, his loud belches.

Written by an anonymous author

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