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Answers and Decisions

Curious about the human who attacked you and your partner, you couldint help but ask "Just who was that guy?"

Your partner sighs "All I know is, hes one of the best dragon hunters anyones ever seen. He hunts many different kinds of dragons, but his speaciallity are black dragons. Like us for example. They say no dragon that encountered him lived to see another sunrise" he explains with dread.

You ponder this for a moment or two, finding it all hard to belive "Is he really that powerful?" Your partner glares at you lightly "He kicked a friggin arcade machine at you. And it barly missed you! What more proof do you need, kid?"

You continue to think about this info on the mystery hunter. You suddenly feel a bit angry towards the man. Who knows how many dragons and balck dragons died by his hands. And for what? Was it for money? For fame? Or was it just for pleasure? The mere thought made your blood boil!

Your friend noticed your angry look and spoke in a softer tone "Listen kid, for your own good stay away from him. We meet him once and managed to escape with our lives. Dont test your luck twice." he says trying to calm you down. You breath in deeply, then exhale slowly.

"Alright..." you mutter. You look outside and noticed it was late. You decided that you and your partner should get some sleep. After about 2-3 hours you were still awake while your partner was out like a light. You were still a little angry about the dragon hunter. Your friend told you to stay away and normaly you would listen but...that was the problem.

One part of you tells you to heed you friend's warning and stay in the cave and try not to worry about the human. Another part, however, was screaming "Get you tail out there and make that human filth pay for all the dragons hes murdered!" You grip your head and let out a quiet groan, knowing you have a VERY difficult decision to make.....

Written by Seifer Fanboy

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