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Heavily Helpless

After the dragon is tied up, the spider queen tells you: "Human, keep an eye on that dragon. As a matter of fact, tickle her." "Why not?" you reply.

You walk up to the dragon and remove the webbing from her jaws, saying: "Here, at least this way, you'll be able to laugh." She is still bound down from the rest of the webbing, though, and she says: "No, please. Don't tickle me. I beg of you. I can't stand it. I'm so ticklish..."

"Sorry," you say. "Nothing else to do, and the spider queen told me to, so you'll just have to deal with it." You then drive your hands into her armpits, tickling them like crazy. She laughs uproariously. Then you go for her feet, which you tickle even more rapidly. Her laughter goes up and tears come out of her eyes.

Finally, you tickle her big, fat, plump belly, which makes her laugh three times louder, at least, and causes her to be helpless and wriggling about.

The spider queen seems to find this quite entertaining, so she stops to watch it for a while.

Written by Mysteriu

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