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i love tiger-demons

Arnold has a friend who happens to be a tiger demon.

The tiger demon's name is Rai'Qajh, and he is the most fiercest demon ever to fought with. Rai'Qajh can get aggresive, and negative at some time. But over all, he has a gentle side of him too.

All Arnold ever asked for, is to tickle the hell out of Rai'Qajh. So he made up a bet to see who wins. And then, Arnold win the bet. And for that, he gets to tie the demon up, and do what he want to him.

He began to tickle Rai'Qajh's foot. "H-hey!!! That tickles, man!!!", cried Rai'Qajh. Arnold began to increase the tickle torture all over the tiger demon's sexy, twitching, size 12 foot.

Rai'Qajh laughed more and more, squirming around to get free. But the ropes and chains that were helding him were too strong for this buffed up creature. "PLEASE, STOP!!! I'M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE!!!", the tiger demon pleaded, continuing squirming.

Then, Arnold tried both size 12 feet of the demon. Rai'Qajh could not stand it at all. "AHH HA HA HA HA HA HE HE HE HE HA HAHH,C-C'MON DUDE, ANYTHING BUT MY F-F-FEET!!!! HEA HA HA HA HE HE HE HE HEAH!!! THAT F***ING TICKLES, MAN!!! The teen boy was giving no mercy to that young adult creature.

Now, he starts tickling all over his upper body, targeting his abs. The armpits, the ribs, and his hips. Rai'Qajh decides that he's going to stop squirming, and lay there and howl with laughs. "You want to stop?", said Arnold, letting Rai'Qajh catch his breathe.

Rai'Qajh looked at him with a funny look on his face. "Tell me. What is your most favorite body part you like to tickle most?", he asked. "Your feet", Arnold said. Rai'Qajh made a deal with Arnold that he'll let him tickle his feet if they both promise that they will not tell anyone about this.

They both agreed, and Arnold continued to tickle torture the hell out of Rai'Qajh's feet.

The demon just sit back, chained up, and letting Arnold make him laugh. As the boy tortures the tiger, one of them knows that his laughter is going to make the neighbors wonder what's going on in the house next door.

Is just Arnold, tickling Rai'Qajh, the tiger demon's feet.

Written by Chris Dereck

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