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Tickle torture and foot worship

You then tie the tiger up and put his feet into stocks, making sure he cant get away

"No please no, I said I'd be your slave" begs the tiger

Picking up an electric toothbrush you reply "I know, but it's just so much tickling your helpess feet"

You turn the toothbrush and begin tickling the tiger's toes

"AHH hehehehehe, nohohohooo no please stop, hehhehe, stop it it tickles"

The tiger struggles but cant escape, you continue to tickle his poor feet

"Plehehehease, please stop, please" "No" you say smiling, turning off the toothbrush you turn and ask "Have you ever had ur feet licked before?"

The tiger kinda grossed out and confused replies "No i haven't, why?"

You start licking and sucking the tiger's toes

With the occasional giggle here and there, the tiger starts to enjoy this "Ohhh that feels nice, mmmmmm keep doing that i like that"

You continue to suck his toes and lick his soles, after about 2 hours of this you stop

"awww hey could you do that again?" asks the tiger

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