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Rocking the boat.

You thrust kick, punch, push... but all you succeed in doing is causing yourself to wobble like gelatine. Not giving up, you try once more to lift yourself. No good. Finally, you put all your energy into one great thrust. 'BLOP' you hear, as your entire frame shifts upward, as well as the chair you're sitting in, and comes back down. Panting, you look... and you've moved! Only very slightly, but you have moved a few inches away from the table. Putting everything you have into it, you push again. 'BLOP' as you are once again rewarded with a sudden jolt. If you can keep this up, you may reach the gold. 'BLOP'... 'BLOP'... 'BLOP'... 'BLOP'... 'BLOP'...

You pant heavily. You're exhausted, but you're nearly there. You can almost touch the gold! "Ten seconds" says the leprechaun. As the leprechaun counts down the seconds, you gather every last ounce of strength you have left and push with all your might. "2... 1..."

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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