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A mirror

You look into the mirror, and begin to change.First your eyes turn a deep, arousing blue, and your face becomes that of a gorgeous young woman with full, pouty red lips. Then your frame follows suit ... your shoulders narrow, your arms become more slender, and your chest aches as full, perky breasts gently burst forth from where your hairy chest once was. The change continues its way downward, and you watch as your torso gets tucked in and your hips widen to create a perfect hourglass figure. Powerful arousals overcome you as your sexual identity is reversed and pulled inside. Your legs lengthen slightly and thin. Whatever force caused this has not, however forgotten about your clothes, or your libido ... these new clothes tighten around every new curve to reveal an extremly gorgeous young woman. Under other circumstances, you'd be having a good time looking at a body like this.

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