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Big wishing.

You woke up to a strange ripping sound coming from your room. You noticed that Rufus wasn't next to you anymore. You sit up to see Rufus, a much bigger Rufus.

'What...what happened!?' you yell.

'Oh, morning chubbo. Like it?' He pushes his giant belly into your face and you bounce off it. He definitely wasn't this big last night. But then you put your hand on it and feel it growing.

'What is going on?' you asked shocked.

'Oh, I found your little wish making friend and asked him for a little favor.' You see Rufus start to get bigger. 'We had a lovely chat.'

'You found the leprechaun?!'

'Oh, I knew you had him for days. Next time, make sure when you yell that people can't hear you if you want to keep a secret.' Rufus' muscles start to grow along side his massive body. He starts to brush against the ceiling! 'See, I could never stand you. You know why? Because you were bigger than me. No one should be bigger than me. So, I knew your anger towards me would cause to wish out of spite a fat punishment on me, as a sort of karma considering how I mocked your fat. Well, my plan worked. You made me bigger and I was able to get close to that leprechaun. He has a sick sense of humor and we got along great. He was nice enough to give me a few wishes.'

'But, what did you wish?!'

'I told you, no one should be bigger than me. So, I made sure that would never happened by wishing to be the BIGGEST man ever!' The room is feeling cramped with Rufus' massive size. 'I wanted THIS!' He flexes his right arm, where his beefy arm grows faster with muscles. 'And THIS!' He does the same for his equally huge left arm. 'AND THIS!' He puffs out his stomach, causing it to grow monstrous, pushing you back. Now Rufus was as big as the room! 'And the best part is that I'll never stop growing! I'll be the biggest in the universe!' Then that ripping sound comes back.

Rufus looks down. 'Looks like my boxers are getting tight. Leprechaun!'

The leprechaun appears. 'Yea big guy?'

'I wish for a pair of underwear that will always grow with me!'

'Thank goodness. I was afraid what would happen if you let them go, laddie.' The leprechaun waves and a giant pair of briefs form on Rufus. They are massive and getting bigger with him!

The leprechaun disappears. Rufus, now ready to burst out of the room, grabs you and hugs you tight against his massive body. 'And my wish is all thanks to you! I'll never forget you, even when I get so big you cease to exist in my vision.' He pokes your belly. 'And why don't you help your little friend here get alittle bigger too?' And with that, Rufus bursts out of the room, continuing to grow.

Written by Meh

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