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Customer Service

You turn to see a hugely fat man dressed as a salesman. Not only is he fat, but he's really tall. That uniform he is wearing looks like it will explode off him any second.

'Need any help?' he asks very politely.

'Um, what is this place?'

'Oh, this is a size transformation store. People come here to try on clothes. These clothes alter their size in some way, depending on what they are looking for. Come, see for yourself.'

He motions you to follow and after a minute you reach a dressing room. A man alittle older than you with an average muscle build exits the dressing booth wearing a muscle shirt and boxers.

'Find what you are looking for?' the salesman asks.

Just then, the man grows to a huge size with muscles bulging in every direction. Eventually his shirt rips apart and you see that he has a perfect huge body. The boxers strain but stay on thankfully. When he finishes growing, he is a 20 ft giant with 500 lbs of muscle on him. He looks down to you and the salesman and flexes his giant arms. 'Yea...I think so. Thanks for the help.' He walks away, booming with each step.

You stand there with your mouth hanging open, shocked at what you just saw. The salesman nudges you to bring you back to reality.

'See? That's all there is to it.'

'So, I try on anything and I change?' The salesman nods. '....Cool.'

Just then, a giant quake hit the two of you and you fall. The salesman stands there as if nothing happened. When you look up, you see a massive man, wearing a suit, but he's 500ft tall! He leans down a bit and opens his hand, revealing a pair of tiny black socks.

'Do you have this in blue?' he asks with the softest voice ever.

'Yep, just head north and look west a bit after 5 miles.'

'Thanks.' The giant booms down the road.

The salesman helps you up. 'Sorry sir. Please have a look around and help yourself. Just call if you need help.' And with that, he was gone.

So, where should you go first?

Written by Meh

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