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Yes Master

Now that you can't escape, Genga says, You will be my slave. Maybe I can escape if I trick him to give me more power, you think. "Oh don't think you can decieve me that easily. I can read your mind". You are shocked that you have been an open book to Genga. Genga says,"Now to do my bidding you will have to look the part. I think I will change your form a bit more." He waves his hands and a cloud of black smoke envelopes you. you realize your scales are turning black, you claws and spikes are turning red, and your armor is turning a dull gray. The jewels all turned a deep scarlet. "What have you done to me!" you try to exlaim, but your voice is changing to a dragons roar. You fall down on all fours again and your mind changes into that of an evil beast. "Perfect", Genga says. What is your bidding, my master, you think, for you are now telepathic. "I shall and we will crush all who oppose us." Yes master, you reply.

Written by Guy

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