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The wolf that came to dinner.

After gathering much of the contents of the cellar, you begin eating. Dried meat and biscuits, rasins and other such dried fruits, dehydrated food products. It's not very filling, but after enough, your stomach feels content. And it's low fat, you think to yourself, patting your oversized belly. Suddenly, in a puff of green smoke, the leprechaun appears. "And what do ye think yer doing," he says in an accusing tone. "Taking time out for a snack" you retort. "That's me larder you're eatin' there," he says, "ye don't just go emptyin' yer host's cupboards." "Not my fault you blimped me up," you say, popping a few more raisins in your mouth and watching the sour expressions on the leprechaun's face. He gives an angry huff and disappears once more, while you decide to keep eating... if you can get him angry enough, maybe he'll agree to change you back, just so you'll leave.

Written by an anonymous author (edited by wanderer)

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