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Growth Spurt

You look at yourself in the mirror in the room and decide. 'Yea, I want to be taller and bigger.'

You sit back down and wait for the doctor. Just then, without a sound, he's back in the room! For a giant man, he moves pretty quietly.

'So, have you decided?'

'Sure did, Doc. I want to be bigger, huge.'

'A fine choice. By the way, your clothes will grow with you. Lay down on the table.'

You lay down on the table, which then moves alittle leaving you in an inclined state. The doctor pulls out a remote and presses a button. Soon, a laser descends from the ceiling. The doctor messes around with it a bit before you ask, 'Uh, doc? How big will I get?

'That's a good question. let's find out, shall we?'

He fires the laser at you. Before you can get off the table, the laser hits you. You don't trust this guy now. However, the feeling from the laser is great that you lay back down and take it. Soon, you feel stronger. The room starts to shrink. Your legs, arms, body, head, everything is growing bigger in proportion. You feel your feet touch the ground. Your socks burst, unable to contain your giant feet.you look down to see your undershirt straining, slowly ripping apart. Your boxers appear fine, thankfully.

You enjoy this feeling so much that you fail to notice that the room hasn't stopped shrinking. You look at the doctor. 'Doc, can you stop now? I'm big enough.'

'Oh, no, no, no, my boy. I said that this was an emergency, and we need to help you the best we can. So sit back and enjoy.'

The table under you breaks from your giant weight and you fall to the floor. You see that you are as big as the doctor now! Before you can move, he leaves and locks the door. You try to open the door when your realize that its painted on! You can't get out! You then decide to destroy the laser. You reach for it but your hands go through it like it was a ghost! You bang on the walls and yell, but they don't budge. You have to sit down to avoid hitting the ceiling. You take up the entire room, and while it feels great, you are scared that you will be crushed.

Eventually, the laser stops. You look around to see that you take up the full capacity of the room while sitting! You enjoy the size, but how will you get out of here now?

Written by Meh

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